Come and Tour the Farm

Visit our historic cranberry bog

Farmers across the state have used local bogs to grow cranberries since the 1920s. Fall Harvest Farm is part of a proud historic tradition of cranberry farming in the Acushnet area. We would like to share that experience with you. With our scheduled farm tours, we offer an authentic cranberry bog experience as an educational tour that explains our process and history.

Call us at 774-992-8262 today to make an appointment for your visit.

Get the authentic farm experience

We offer visitors the opportunity to see our working farm in action. When you visit us, you can:

  • Learn about cranberry production and our farming process
  • See our harvest process during the fall
  • Take photos as you walk through the property

Bring your family see how our historic cranberry bog operates. Contact us today to schedule your visit to our farm.